When Korvac, a god-like cyborg from a future Earth, travels through time to restore order to the universe, he winds up in the 20th century and disguises himself as an ordinary man named Michael. He is then pursued by a futuristic team of heroes called the Guardians of the Galaxy, who idolized the Avengers in their time. The two teams confront “Michael” in his new home in Queens, where a climactic battle takes place. In the end, many of the Avengers are defeated (and even killed, albeit temporarily), but Korvac takes it upon himself to commit suicide before things get too out of hand.

Aside from featuring a ton of action, The Korvac Saga is also a very meditative and philosophical book. It explores the very nature of mankind as Korvac himself becomes a sympathetic, misunderstood figure by the end. The true nature of the story is very ambiguous, and it still stands today as one of Marvel’s most ambitious and challenging works.