Does Mario Batali think food stamps are a fucking game?

One of the most successful celebrity chefs has taken the food stamp challenge, an exercise in walking in someone else's shoes wherein the participant tries to live on food stamps for a week. Trying to get by with $31 a week for food, Batali reports that he's "fucking starving."

"I thought spare ribs were cheap. Spare ribs this week are $5.95, so I’m making pasta sauce with two pork chops that were $1.39 a pound."

That's a thing Batali said.

Does anyone else find this gesture problematic? There's an element of slumming here that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Of course, if Batali's stunt can raise awareness about the realities of living poor in America, something has been gained. There are proposed cuts to the country's food stamp program that folks need to be aware of.

[via DCist]


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