Be careful what you pick up. An as-of-yet unnamed woman was hiking with her children and husband at Trestles Beach, San Diego in California when they happened across some unusually colorful rocks - which was also their first, and only clue, not to pick them up. Weirdly orange and green, she put them in the pocket of her cargo shorts (lolz) and moved along. When she got home, however, she began to feel something burning.

That burning, as it turns out, was her cargo shorts (lolz) and her flesh. She suffered second-degree burns on her legs, and her husband got burns on his hands, before they could remove the cargo shorts (lol). The theory right now is that somehow phosphorus, which combusts when exposed to oxygen, was on the rocks. An alternate theory, sans phosphorus, has to do with the generation of friction between the rocks as she walked, igniting a chemical chain reaction. 

But, the theories of why are not really the interesting part. The take aways of the story are: rocks spontaneously combusting and cargo shorts (lolz). We also admit that yes, we probably would've picked them up too, but it's unlikely we would've put them in the pocket of our cargo shorts (lolz) because we probably wouldn't have been wearing cargo shorts (lolz).

[via Daily Mail]

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