Standing in front of the Lincoln, Nebraska City Council during a meeting recently, resident Jane Skrovota delivered a simultaneously terrifying and hilarious anti-gay rant of a speech to speak out about a "proposed LGBT protection ordinance" that is so crazy, it might take a while to process that she means for her words to be taken seriously. 

We suggest you watch the rant above for the full "WTF" effect, but here are a few highlights transcribed courtesy of Towleroad in case you're not convinced:

"P- E- N- I- S goes into the anus to rupture intestines. The more a man does this the more he'll be a fatality or a homicider…"

"A huge percent of gay men in school grounds molest boys, partly because they don't have AIDS yet…"

"Hillary Clinton's roommate four years in college was a gay woman. To avoid going gay like Clinton did, college students need single rooms and single gender dorms… A college woman is seduced with illegal Rohypnol to go gay."

"Gays can transform to be celibate to live to be 80 years old."

"Read the book Nijinsky to understand that bisexuals always become insane."

"Jesus was kissed by Judas, a homo, who tried to sabotage Jesus' kind ideas. Do you choose Jesus, a celibate, or Judas, a homo? You have to choose!"

Whitney Houston is referenced somewhere in there too, though it's not even clear what she's talking about when she mentions her. 

Also, watch for the kid behind her, he is quite possibly the best part of the video.

[via Mediaite]