After Rise of the Planet of the Apes became one of the best blockbusters of the past decade, a sequel was all but inevitable. But it wouldn’t be enough for 20th Century Fox to just hire a no-name writer and hope that the special effects carry the movie; instead, the studio needed to bring someone in that could add some gravitas and scope to the franchise. Thankfully, the studio has tapped writer Scott Z. Burns to lead the ape army into revolution for director Rupert Wyatt’s sequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Most famous for writing Contagion, The Informant!, and The Bourne Ultimatum, Burns has been a part of some fantastic thrillers in the past. What’s really interesting, though, is that the end of Rise hints at a virus about to attack the human race, which is something Burns is familiar with from Contagion. He worked wonders by giving that movie a real world feel of paranoia and fear, so we hope he can bring some of that to the next Apes flick.

There is no release date for the movie yet, but the studio is shooting for summer of 2014.

[via The Hollywood Reporter

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