30 Rock's show-within-a-show spinoff, Queen of Jordan, may be one of the more genius bits of the series, but according to showrunner Robert Carlock in a new interview with the A.V. Club, the whole thing was actually just a ploy to save money on production.

"One of which is that shooting that style, that fake doc style, is a lot cheaper," he explained. "We’re an expensive show, and NBC is very understanding of that, but that doesn’t mean Tina and I don’t have phone calls we don’t want to have, about how we need to save money. And the main reason we did it again [this season]—one of the reasons—was because it was cheap and we were in the hole." 

Cost-cutting method or not, the pseudo-Real Housewives mockumentary plotline was undoubtedly the best of the season. So, since the next season of 30 Rock will likely be the show's last, can we get a campaign going for an actual spinoff, here? 

[via Vulture]