Michael Climer has one of the coolest sounding jobs we’ve ever heard of: Senior Vehicles and Weapons Artist at Ubisoft Red Storm. Ghost Recon Future Soldier is set to drop on May 22, and much of the buzz surrounding the new game has involved the Gunsmith system, whereby players can customize their own unique weapons. We had a chance to talk Gunsmith with Michael, as well as hear about what's in his personal gun collection.

How many options are there for weapons customization in GRFS?
There are 52 guns in the game, each with up to 10 points of customization. There are 20 million plus possible combinations that the user can choose from. 

What are some of the real weapons that have inspired you in developing GRFS?
All the weapons in the game are either based on real firearms or inspired by real firearms.  In the event we get our hands on the actual gun, we use that information about recoil impulses, muzzle climb, maneuverability, etc., and try to incorporate that into the weapon design in the game. 

What are some of the highlights of your personal collection?
My personal favorite right now is a bolt action rifle that I just rebuilt from the ground up.  It's nothing special, but knowing that I took the rifle from a pile of parts to a completed gun capable of shooting accurately 800 yards out is pretty gratifying. 

What's your favorite Ghost Recon Future Soldier feature?
Call me biased, but I would have to say Gunsmith is my favorite feature.  I love having the ability to customize my weapons according to my personal preferences and play style.  My favorite map has to be Alpha, which is inspired by the location of the Ghost Recon Alpha short film.  For me, the map size is perfect for 6 vs. 6, and the multiple elevation levels and flanking routes are great for my play style. 

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