Anyone who saw what Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart wore to the Snow White and the Huntsman premiere may think they've seen it all when it comes to this movie.

Well, starting Saturday, May 19, Universal Pictures will be giving you another chance to feast your eyes, with a pop-up gallery to support the new film, which hits theaters on June 1. This is already a Complex must-see movie this summer, and this event is getting us even more psyched. We're encouraging all those who can to swing through the Melrose Avenue space, where you can check out costumes from Colleen Atwood, the film’s Oscar-winning designer (3 times, yo), as well as a custom mural from L.A. legend MEAR ONE.

MEAR is an internationally renowned artist, whose early work helped define L.A. graffiti, and who is now redefining political, visionary painting. His paintings often feel like they belong to some sort of dark fairy tale, so he was the perfect artist to create an original work inspired by the new movie. Given the new slant on the classic story that Snow White and the Huntsman presents, MEAR's mural had to reflect a similarly striking angle of its own. He chose to paint the entire piece on a 12-ft mirror, allowing it to shape and influence his vision, and the result is a piece like nothing we’ve ever seen.

Keeping with the theme of art inspired by the film, the pop-up will give guests the opportunity to create their own memorabilia. The gallery will allow guests to bring items from home to customize using on-site equipment and eight original designs.

The entire experience kicks off this Saturday at 7710 Melrose Avenue, in Los Angeles, and runs weekends through Sunday, June 3. The movie, which stars Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, and Charlize Theron, will open on June 1. For more information on the film and event, and to check out the latest trailer, visit

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