Even though the movie series wrapped up back in 2005, fans everywhere are still clamoring for more Star Wars. The video games and cartoons that have come out since have done a decent job of holding us over, but there will always be an urge to see more live-action adventures set in George Lucas' universe.

One of the projects that fans have been keeping their eyes on is the live-action Star Wars TV series that has been rumored for years. Recently, IGN caught up with producer Rick McCallum, who had a brief update on the show, and, to be honest, it doesn't sound overly promising. Even though there are up to 50 scripts written for the show, McCallum goes into detail on how the high budget for each episode is proving to be a challenge.

Any show based in the world of Star Wars is going to be expensive, and it will be tough to find a studio willing to back it. McCallum does sound hopeful that we will see it eventually, but we can't envision it hitting the small screen for a very long time.

[via IGN