Despite the heat outside, it’s still so cold in the D. A 22-year-old woman was kidnapped in Detroit early Saturday morning, set on fire, and shot. Somehow—thankfully, mercifully—she’s expected to make a full recovery. And, yeah—she’s nine-months pregnant.

She was attacked after dropping the baby's father off at his home, as two men bound her with duct tape and shoved her in a car. They took her to a remote location, set her on fire, and one of the men shot her in the back. Amazingly, she was able to roll around and extinguish the fire, free herself from the duct tape, and drive to a gas station nearby.

It’s believed that the baby’s father is one of the suspects. An ultrasound confirmed that the child if fine. Grow up tough in Detroit.

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[via Gawker]

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