A posting on Gamestop's website over the weekend revealed that the gaming retailer is planning to get into the mobile phone game... Kind of.

"Gamestop Mobile" will be an MVNO service allowing gamers (or anyone, really) to buy pay-as-you-go mobile phone service and/or data from AT&T, with prices ranging from $5 worth of service to $55/month for unlimited talk and text.

Gamestop isn't diving into the mobile phone market wholesale, though. The quirkiest aspect Gamestop Mobile's service is that it's strictly "BYOD": Bring Your Own Device. Gamestop Mobile will work with any AT&T-capable device that isn't already tied to another carrier. If the program is successful, however, you can bet that Gamestop won't hesitate to expand into that market.

At the moment, Gamestop does sell devices that utilize 3G data plans, like iPads, iPhones and PlayStation Vitas. As more devices become 3G-enabled, the service will allow Gamestop to be a one-stop-shop for these devices. That said, Gamestop's data plan isn't exactly competitive: Gamestop Mobile will offer 1GB of data/month for $55. AT&T offers 5GB/month for slightly less than that.

The Gamestop Mobile website had been taken down at the time of this post.

[From Techcrunch via Engadget]