It's the stuff dreams are made of...Variety is reporting that Parks and Recreation co-stars and overall awesome people, Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler are set to star in a romantic comedy parody together, tentatively titled They Came Together. The film is set to be directed by David Wain, who previously co-wrote and directed 2001's Wet Hot American Summer, a film which both Rudd and Poehler appeared in as well. It's likely to begin filming this July.

The synopsis, as follows:

When Joel (Rudd) and Molly (Poehler) meet, it's hate at first sight; his big corporation is the one that threatens to shut down her quirky knick-knack store. Story, which follows their predictably on-again/off-again relationship, features rom-com staples such as the jealous ex-girlfriend, the office jerk, scary in-laws, a boring dentist, a wise dog and beautiful shots of New York City in autumn.

We're sold.

[via Variety]

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