What would Jesus do? Beat his "effeminate" or "butch" children, let this North Carolina pastor tell it. Rev. Sean Harris of Fayetteville’s Berean Baptist Church sparked outrage yesterday after telling his congregation to essentially beat their children into traditional gender roles. Now he’s defending his words, saying it’s what Jesus would’ve done.

During his sermon, Harris told his followers to give their sons “a good punch” if they act feminine, and do the same for daughters who act “too butch.” Though he cleaned up the original transcript once it leaked, Harris was grossly unapologetic when speaking to WRAL-TV:

“He says Jesus often used hyperbole. For example, 'If your eye causes you sin, pluck it out,' as written in scripture.

Pastor Harris says he was employing the same technique."

Harris continued to stick to the script, saying, “God created you a male, God created you a female. If you were created a male, you are to act like a man.” If God made you an asshole, you’re going to be one and you’re going to use the Almighty Shield.

Jesus can’t save you, though.

[via Gawker]

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