We understand if most of you are tired of watching new clips and featurettes for Ridley Scott's upcoming movie, Prometheus. For some, these new bits of footage are too spoilerific to be enjoyed. But for those of you who still want to see as much from the film as possible before its release, then check out this new video about the design and creation of the film's titular spacecraft. 

Blending aspects of ships from other sci-fi movies, like Sunshine and 2001: A Space Odyssey (sans the homicidal artificial intelligence), this craft was meticulously designed and created using practical and digital effects. It seems like Scott and the production crew thought of everything that a craft like this would really need in order to sustain human life, both physically and emotionally. But best of all, the design is fresh and iconic in a world where most movies are still ripping off of the designs from Star Wars.

We'll see where The Prometheus ranks among other sci-fi movie vessels when the film hits theaters on June 8.

[via Coming Soon