Call it the Obama-effect: More and more politicians are trying to prove that they've got comedic chops in an effort to show they can be the cool politician as well as the, you know, political one who makes all of the decisions about the future of our government. The most recent pair to jump on this bandwagon is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Newark Mayor and American hero Cory Booker, both participating in a Seinfeld-inspired sketch which sees them in a sort of Seinfeld/Newman-like rivalry.

Surprisingly, the video - which you can check out above - isn't half bad. It mostly follows Christie as he tries to save the day in numerous situations, only to be perpetually outdone by Booker, who, as aforementioned, is an American hero. Christie only gets his chance to shine at the very end, when he grabs the phone from Booker who is mid-conversation with none other than Mitt Romney, and offers himself up as running mate.

Well, it was funny up until that part, anyway.

[via Gawker]