About a month ago, we were starved for new Dark Knight Rises footage to hold us over until the film's release in July. Then, out of the clear blue sky, Warner Brothers unleashed its massive marketing campaign for the project last week. Since then, we have been basically drowning in new posters, banners, and footage from the film that have surpassed our own expectations. 

But the most intriguing bit of Bat news that we have seen in the past week has been this brand-new TV spot for the movie that seems to hint at some trouble ahead for Gotham's guardian. In the footage, we see Catwoman looking as mysterious as ever; Bane being plain imposing; and, best of all, a broken-down Bruce Wayne.

Rarely do heroes ever truly struggle in these comic book movies, but it looks like director Christopher Nolan is ready to tear the Dark Knight to pieces in his last outing on the character.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20. 

[via Super Hero Hype