With just about two months to go until Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters everywhere, Warner Brothers has just released a brand-new theatrical poster from the film. And like we have seen from recent posters for highly-anticipated blockbusters, it leaves quite a bit to be desired. Much like the cheap-looking Avengers posters from a few months ago, this image seems like it was put together with Photoshop over the span of a 30-minute lunch break.

Obviously this has no impact on the quality of the film itself, but the previous posters from Nolan's Batman flicks have always stood separate from the typical shoddy art pumped out of the Hollywood machine. We hope we get some Dark Knight Rises images in the near-future that make us pumped for this movie because this poster certainly isn't getting the job done.

The Dark Knight Rises will hit theaters on July 20.

[via Super Hero Hype