Netflix went from being a haven for cinephiles to rent seemingly every movie ever created, to becoming an outlet for cancelled TV shows to get a second chance. In recent months, the company has attempted to get as much original programming and established shows for its service as possible. And now the streaming giant is in talks to bring CBS's Jericho back from the beyond, according to TV Guide.

Debuting on CBS in 2006, the show centered on the residents of Jericho, Kansas after a nuclear attack hit 23 major U.S. cities. It was well-received by critics and a small following of fans alike; unfortunately, low ratings caused the show to be cancelled in 2008. Nothing is set in stone yet, and the financial aspect of the deal could be a real sticking point, but Netflix is hoping to resurrect Jericho in the same way that it is bringing Arrested Development back next year. The biggest problem might be whether or not the original cast of the show would come back for a third season. 

For anyone really looking to get their Jericho fix, season three of the show was brought to life in a comic book produced by IDW Publishing, with a fourth season being published this summer. That should hold you over until we get some official confirmation on the show's future.

[via TV Guide