Miley Cyrus' image has changed drastically over the past few years, as she's transitioned from a sprightly teen on Disney's "Hanna Montana" to essentially a teenage grown-up. The 19-year-old singer/actress says it's all par for the course, though, and that people should get used to it.

"For me, what I do [being sexy] is not the point," she said in an interview on Lifetime's "The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet." "You're not sitting there trying to be sexy. If people find that [I am], I take it as a compliment. People are so scared of seeing a woman being like, ‘This is who I am and you’re not going to change it.’”

According to Cyrus, part of growing up in show business was realizing that she didn't have to always say and do what people expected of her.

"I feel I was so trained in my interviews to be All-American or whatever," she said. "I just got so set in the way of saying the same things I did when I was 12-years-old… I guess I kind of realized that my whole life isn’t one giant press junket. I don’t have to be smiling all the time and always have the perfect answer."

On sex itself, Cyrus was even more forthcoming, allowing that it's something that needs to be more out in the open.

"...Sex is actually really beautiful," she said. "It's the only way we create, and it's the only way the world keeps going. So it's ignorant not to talk to your kids about it or [not] make it seem as magical or cool as it actually is. [Kids] have a TV, so they know what sex is. So educate them and let them know ... it's a beautiful thing, and it is magic, and it's when you connect with somebody. And it isn't how much you're worth. Your worth isn't based on that, your worth is based on how you feel about yourself."

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