A new timer on Enterthemetro.com is counting down to the release of a new short film about the universe of Metro 2033/Metro: Last Light. Unlike most viral sites sporting countdown timers, the site is very clear about what the site is getting ready for and when the timer will end - The film will debut on the site when the timer hits zero on May 24th, nine days from now.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Metro 2033 is a very tough FPS based on the Russian science fiction novel of the same name. After a catastrophic world-ending event, humanity is forced to move underground to places like Moscow's metro system. Like most post-apocalyptic scenarios, the harsh new world doesn't prevent in-fighting between newly formed cities and factions. 

Despite lacking polish, the game's challenging gameplay and unique mechanics made it a critical darling when it was released in 2010. THQ announced that a sequel, Metro: Last Light, was in the works last year.

Metro 2033 author Dmity Glukhovsky is helping THQ with the story for Last Light, which won't follow the plot of the author's second novel in the series, Metro 2034.

Metro: Last Light is expect to be released in early 2013 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Though technically unconfirmed, the game was named as a third-party title for the Wii U during Nintendo's presentation at E3 last year.

[Via The Escapist]