Imagine this scenario: You’re walking leisurely down a beautiful, Spanish street enjoying the last few days of peace before drunk tourists roam your streets conflating Cinco de Mayo with Spain and generally pissing you off when—BAM!—you get struck by lightning.

Couldn’t get much worse, right? Wrong! Imagine this scenario: you’re walking leisurely down a beautiful, Spanish street when—BAM!—you get struck by lightning in the balls.

It happened. A 53-year-old man in Madrid was doing just that, leisurely walking, when a bolt of lightning struck him in the scrotum, travelled down his legs, and then exited his body. He, understandably, passed out, but survived. He was taken to a local hospital and treated for burns on his testicles and feet. If you are looking for a joke, shame on you! Let's have a moment of silence for this man.

[via Gizmodo]