Video of a 40-year-old London man robbing a liquor store with a pair of boxers over his head surfaced today thanks to The Telegraph, and it's probably one of the more hilarious videos you'll see today. 

Here's what happened: The man, Tazviona Maluge Bhebe, entered the liquor store last January with a kitchen knife in hand and a pair of light blue boxer briefs over his head to hide his identity. That was the intention, anyway. He demanded money from the cashier, 34-year-old Harry Mahalingham, but since he was a dude with a pair of underwear on his head, that didn't really seem too threatening. Or, as The Huffington Post puts it: 

Mahalingham, however, was not about to give in to demands from a talking pair of underwear.

Yeah! Don't take that shit, bro! Anyway, Mahalingham leapt over the counter and began beating Bhebe with a nearby display sign. Somewhere during the altercation, the boxers slipped to reveal Bhebe's face, and police identified him a short time later.

After pleading guilty, Bhebe was sentenced to three years in prison.

[via Huffington Post]