Imagine if this was Bruce Banner’s dilemma. 35-year-old Paulo Henrique dos Santos decided covering himself in green paint a la the Hulk would help his singing career, but the pool attendant from Rio de Janeiro was left angry/horrified when the paint wouldn't wash off.

Dos Santos made the grim mistake of using the industrial paint used for decorating ballistic missiles and such, as opposed to body paint. After spending hours failing at scrubbing the paint off, he started to fear epidermal suffocation, and decided he would consult a doctor if the makeup didn’t come off after 24 hours.

Fortunately, he was finally able to remove the paint, and he plans to sue the store that sold him the paint, claiming they knew what it was used for and never mentioned as much. Hulk smash—in court, that is.

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[via Gawker]

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