Vince Li, a Chinese immigrant who beheaded and ate some of a fellow Greyhound bus passenger in Manitoba four years ago, says he thought he was attacking an alien. In July of 2008, Li was sitting next to 22-year-old Tim McLean when he stood up and began stabbing him. Passengers fled, and Li dismembered his body, ate some of it, and then showed his head to passengers outside of the bus.

Li was found not criminally responsible for McLean’s death in 2009 due to mental illness. He was placed in a locked wing of Selkirk Mental Health Centre, where he initially wasn’t allowed outside, but gained more privileges over the years. For example, he was granted permission to take chaperoned trips into the city of Selkirk last week.

The ruling has infuriated the public, leading to Li being interviewed for 45 minutes by the head of the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society last weekend. Chris Summerville said that Li feels “remorse,” as well as “regret and a sense of torment.” Summerville has met with Li every two weeks for the last four years.

Li also told Summerville, He was on the lookout for aliens as such, and the voice of God told him that Tim McLean was an alien and he needed to destroy him lest Tim destroy other people.”

He also wants to be forgiven, but that won’t come easily, as McLean’s mother Carol DeDelley wants Li kept in a mental hospital permanently.

[via NY Daily News]

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