Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish School Board was already sweating bullets after the civil rights organization Southern Poverty Law Center filed a complaint that the school sends a “disproportionate number of black and disabled students to alternative schools to languish for months.” Now the organization is after the board for hiring a school psychologist who vomited up a racially-charged Twitter rant.

Something forced Mark Traina to retreat to Twitter in January on a one-man crusade against “young black thugs.” Some of his quips include “ANOTHER YOUNG BLACK MALE THUG-NEEDS TO DIE-I PRAY THAT THE VICTIMS FRIENDS GET TO HIM 1ST. SO THE POLICE WON'T HAVE TO KILL HIM,” and “We are faced with a young Black Army of Thugs who have declared War on the American Way of Life-Holding America Hostage as we speak.” Below are more inflammatory statements: 

Traina, who believes George Zimmerman is “the real victim,” also fancies himself a misguided “American Civil Rights Activist,” and responded to situation at NOLA.com:

This is just another way to harass the Jefferson Parish Public School System. One only needs to read the Times Picayune to see who the real trouble makers are. Sadly, it is disproportionately young black males. Everyone knows that our jails throughout the United States are disproportionately filled with black people. Why would the rate be any different in an educational environment?

The U.S. Department of Education’s office of civil rights is sending a rep to the Jefferson Parish School system this week, and Traina dismissed racist accusations by saying, “Everything I said is fact-based, backed up by data. I don't have a prejudiced bone in my body. I'm not a racist. I'm a realist.” People lie, numbers lie, and ignorance shines through regardless.

This is someone who's responsible for shaping young minds?

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