Defenders of the Ancients. League of Legends. "Lord of the Rings"?

Warner Bros Interactive announced that they're publishing a Lord of the Rings-themed MOBA game for consoles, Guardians of Middle-Earth, which will tie in to the upcoming film adaptation of The Hobbit.

Developed by F.E.A.R. developer Monolith Software, Guardians of Middle-Earth tweaks the MOBA formula just a bit, allowing players to expand matches from the standard three-on-three gameplay to comparitive huge five-on-five battles.

As for the characters, the game will feature 20 heroes from Lord of the Rings lore, including Gandalf, Gollum, Sauron and Thrain, though it's unclear if the series will draw exclusively from The Hobbit or from the entire series.

Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle-Earth will hit XBLA and PSN this fall. The film, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, comes to theaters December 14th.

[Via WB Interactive]