As we wait for NBC's Hannibal Lecter TV series to hit the air in the next few years, TV Guide is reporting that Lifetime is throwing its hat in the Silence of the Lambs ring by developing a crime drama based on the life and times of FBI agent Clarice Starling. Fans of the movie series will remember Starling as the main character from the original Silence of the Lambs, who was played to perfection by Jodie Foster and later by Julianne Moore in 2001's Hannibal

The series, tentatively titled Clarice, will follow Starling right when she gets out of the academy to become an FBI agent. With NBC putting out Hannibal, it's almost guaranteed that Dr. Lecter will never appear in this new show, but that doesn't mean that Starling won't potentially square-off against her own disturbing supporting cast of lunatics and face-eating sociopaths. 

We'll have more news on Clarice as casting announcements and production schedules are released in the near future. 

[via TV Guide