Could this be the back of your next iPhone? Images recently leaked to 9 to 5 Mac and Mac Rumors purport to show an all-new design for the next generation iPhone with a taller body and a smaller dock connector.

Lending credence to the leaks is the fact that they were provided by two separate sources— one of whom had photos of the part in black/grey and another who had photos of a part with the same design but in white/silver.

The font used for the word "iPhone" on the white/silver model looks wonky, but otherwise it matches the black/grey design, which appears at least somewhat credible.

If the new iPhone matches these leaks, it will feature contrasting bands on the top and bottom and contains new, louder, better quality speakers. Interestingly, both sources say multiple colors of the device are being prepared, expanding beyond the historic trend of black and white only.

What do you think? Is this what the next iPhone will look like?

[via MacRumors]