It's a pretty well-known factoid that the world is always in need of more Larry David. During his lengthy hiatuses from Curb Your Enthusiasm, we grow to miss his egotistical charm and neurotic phobias. Well, thankfully, David seems to be gearing up for a starring role in a movie for Fox Searchlight with Greg Mottola (Superbad) set to direct, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The idea came straight from the mind of David himself, and he is now in the process of writing the script with Alec Berg, David Mandel, and Jeff Schaffer, who all worked with him before on Seinfeld. There are no details on the movie's premise, but the site is reporting that it will improv-based, much like Curb.

Aside from playing a bald vessel for Woody Allen in Whatever Works and a nun in The Three Stooges, David isn't often one to want to star in a movie, so this idea must have been inspiring enough for him to decide to move ahead with it. So far, we think it all sounds prett-ay, prett-ay, prett-ay, pretty good. 

[via The Hollywood Reporter