With the recent influx of reimagined fairy tale movies and TV shows coming out, one would think that another take on the Snow White legend would be rather pointless; however, Universal Pictures' Snow White and the Huntsman has shown off some impressive visuals and a glimpse at an absolutely stellar performance by Charlize Theron in what little footage we have seen so far.

And in this latest clip from the movie, courtesy of MTV, we get our first look at a full-blown action scene from the movie. Complete with some fancy CGI and Theron's mocking dialogue, this clip gives us hope that this movie will be more than a simple summer spectacle. Aside from the action, this project's success will depend on the dynamic between Theron and Kristen Stewart. If that works, then the whole movie will.

With a story as timeless as this, and a cast that is actually pretty solid, all of the ingredients are here for director Rupert Sanders to give us a blockbuster with some heart and soul.

[via MTV