Who knew that Diddy had a on-the-low gamer running with him? Kaleena who has recently broken out on her own from Diddy Dirty Money is now working on her yet to be titled solo album. You probably didn't already know but Kaleena has penned songs for music's biggest names like Christina Aguilera, The Pussycat Dolls, Christina Milian, Ciara, Aretha Franklin and Charlotte Church. You can hear her new material on her new mixtape, Chamber of Diaries available via free download.

Kaleena's gaming addiction goes back to the early days of Nintendo and PS One but with a son who's followed in her pixalated footsteps, she's no stranger to the new school of gaming. Here are her top 5 favorites and why.

Donkey Kong
This is one of my childhood favorites. Game Boy is considered somewhat vintage now compared to newer games...it's an oldie but goodie.

Crash Bandacoot
I can relate to Crash's character trying to navigate through the levels on N. Sanity Island to prevail against his arch nemesis Dr. Neo Cortex. The music industry can feel like N. Sanity Island sometimes! LOL!

Resident Evil
Who doesn't love a sexy female character killing monsters? The storyline is also very innovative. Bad ass!

Leggo Land PS3 "Batman & Robin"
This is my son's go-to game. I love to kick it with him and play, he's pretty cool!

Call of Duty
Love that this game is action packed! The animation/graphics are hypnotizing...

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