Never one to stop tinkering away, James Cameron and his company, the Cameron Pace Group, are again trying to innovate on a mass level, with the development of a line of easy-to-use “5-D” cameras.

The term “5-D” refers to simultaneously filming in both 2-D and 3-D. In Cameron’s view, the only way for 3-D television to thrive would be for 5-D capabilities in a single device, operated by a single cameraman in order to secure the best camera placements (i.e. onstage at a concert).

“3-D [television] would be stillborn if you had to do a separate 3-D production and a 2-D production of the same event,” Cameron said in an interview with Wired. “It was never going to make sense—you had to have an integrated production.”

The cameras will only be available for rental, similar to Panavision’s business model with its 35mm motion picture cameras. “We wanted to take the specialness out of it, we wanted to take the gurus out of it,” said Cameron. “We wanted to put the basics of what you need to know into the camera itself. And then with a 20-minute briefing, you could go and make 3-D.”

[via Gizmodo]