Times Square was disappointed when the legendary bar and restaurant McHale’s (formerly 750 8th Avenue) closed back in 2006, but rumor has it that the famous neon signs might be returning. Appearing in everything from Sleepers to Money Train, McHale’s was a New York staple that appealed to all. The word on the street is that a “real modern looking” bar is opening on the north side of 51st Street between Broadway and Eighth Avenue, and it looks to be going by the name of McHale’s.

When a man on the scene was pressed about the name, he said that he’d purchased it, but that the bar’s old chef had been hired and that McHale’s owner Jimmy McHale would be on the scene “once a week.” This could all be very tall tales, but what more can you do but wait and see?

[via Gothamist]

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