More reason to invest in a bunker ASAP, or at least The Zombie Survival Guide: In addition to news out of Miami that a man was eating another man's face, we're now seeing reports about a guy in New Jersey who stabbed himself repeatedly, then proceeded to throw his own skin and intestines at surrounding police officers. 

According to police, when they arrived, the man - 43-year-old Wayne Carter - had blockaded himself in his Hackensack, New Jersey home with a knife, and was threatening to hurt himself. After officers kicked the door in, Carter began stabbing himself with the knife and allegedly threw bits of his skin and intestines at officers before attempting to swing the knife at them. Officers sprayed two cans of pepper spray at the man in an attempt to subdue him, to no effect. He was finally overpowered when SWAT teams arrived, and was transported to the hospital for emergency surgery and psychiatric evaluation. He is currently in critical condition.

OK so, if the world ends, let us just say this now: It's been real, you guys. It's been real.

[via NorthJersey]