It's always fun to wake up at the crack of the afternoon on a glorious Saturday with a crazy rumor like this one waiting for us to discover it.

Retro Studios, the developers of the Metroid Prime series, has been rumored to be working on a Wii U game, though there's been no word yet on what that might be, besides whispers of a new take on Zelda that haven't amounted to anything yet.

But Paul Gale Network, who reportedly has a good track record on this sort of thing, may have just blown the lid off Nintendo's most ambitious game in years: Star Fox - Metroid: Fusion Saga.

It would be a crossover between the two classic series, featuring on-rails space combat gameplay as Star Fox (a la Star Fox 64) and first-person planet exploration as Samus (a la Metroid Prime).

The game begins when Star Fox hurtles through a portal while on a mission and collides with Samus, whose ship crash-lands on a nearby planet. She sets about repairing her ship while Fox and co. battle unknown forces up in space.

Eventually the two meet up and their separate gameplay modes coincide,'ll control Samus's ship like it's a Star Fox game and you'll control Fox down on the planet (though he'll move more like his nimble Smash Bros. version than his sluggish Star Fox Adventures incarnation).

Call us crazy, but this sounds fucking awesome. We never thought Nintendo would try to mash up their two best sci-fi franchises, but if the rumors prove true (and that's a huge "if") then this could be the game that sells the Wii U.

We'll probably know either way at E3 next month, and if Retro turns out to be working on something else entirely, we'll sure it'll turn out amazing as well. What do you think of this concept? Would you buy a system for it? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.