Having the schedule of a recording artist leaves very little time to fit in the amount of gaming that one would like. There are down times though like during traveling where a console is a lifesaver. No one knows this more that Gorilla Zoe. While the Atlanta emcee is out promoting his new mixtape, Gorilla World (available via download here), he finds the time to get in a few of his favorites. Here are five that he shared with us.

Assassins Creed (series)
The story line is incredible, the graphics are awesome and the different patterns of difficulty keeps you from getting bored.

Call of Duty
I love the tactical operations. In this game it's survive or die.

Betting! We bet $500-600 on Madden. I also love it 'cause It keeps me busy on long road trips.

I'm a big NBA fan. I make my Atlanta Hawks win the championship every year on season mode. 

Grand Theft Auto (series)
Come on, that's self explanatory!

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