Talk about getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar. A Girl Scout troop leader was recently arrested for allegedly stealing over $4,000 from her troop's fund. 30-year-old Ana Isabel Juarez of El Monte, Calif., was busted after the money mysteriously vanished, and police say another $2,000 is still missing. 

Juarez allegedly used the hard-earned money to purchase gas, get her nails done, and for shopping sprees at Nordstrom and Victoria's Secret. Each girl in the troop sold over 500 boxes during a month-long period, crushing their sales goals. After Juarez's slaughter of the fund, the troop was left with $200.

Even more shameful: Juarez's 6-year-old daughter is part of the troop. She's set a great example for her daughter. Adding insult to injury, when Juarez was arrested last month, police discovered she had an outstanding warrant for a 2011 embezzlement case.

The past always catches up to you.

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[via Daily Mail UK]

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