This is too awful. Dekalb County officer Jerad Wheeler has been accused of kicking Raven Dozier in the stomach while she was nine months pregnant. The most disgusting truth is that the department never investigated the incident, and five supervising officers signed off on his actions.

Wheeler responded to a call about a domestic dispute involving Dozier’s brother, and after tensions escalated, he tased the man. After Dozier got upset at this, she alleges that Wheeler kicked her right in the stomach (last image). Worse, he charged her with obstruction of a police officer, although that charge was later dropped.

Wheeler claims that Dozier was being aggressive, so he executed a “front push-kick to the abdomen” that “he was taught to do at the academy.” He also claims that it was dark and her clothes hid the fact that she was pregnant. We know damn well he wasn’t taught to kick pregnant women at the academy.

Wheeler has a history of fucking up. Complaints were filed against him for twisting the arm of a 53-year-old woman, and for shooting a dog chained up inside a garage at the wrong address. Dude has three incidents that make him look like a loose cannon, and a criminal investigation is currently under way.

Dozier gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Levi, but who’s raising guys like Wheeler?

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[via Gawker and WSBTV]

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