Apparently, not supporting the “nigger in the White House” doesn’t make you racist.

That’s the logic of Patrick Lanzo, owner of the Georgia Peach Oyster Bar, where he’s displaying a large sign that reads “I do not support the nigger in the White House.” Despite the fact that his bar is advertised as a “Klan Bar,” that it has a history of servicing notoriously racist organizations, and displays photos of prominent black leaders accompanied by racist imagery, Lanzo insists he is not racist.

Lanzo says he “did not feel bad about anything whatsoever,” saying the sign is a protest over President Obama’s policies. The Georgia Peach Oyster Bar has a history of offensive signs, as Lanzo placed a sign reading “Obama’s plan for health-care: nigger rig it,” outside of the bar in 2009.

Lanzo says he’s used the word his entire life, and that’s how he chooses to voice his dislike with the President’s decisions. Paulding County officials are well aware of the sign, but can do little to stop Lanzo because hate speech is legal in the U.S. The NAACP has launched unsuccessful protests, and Lanzo apparently once told CBS Atlanta that he was a member of the organization.

Aside from being high on the spirit of the Old South, what is this dude on?

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[via Daily Mail UK]

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