Streaming game service Gaikai is working with Wikipad to create an official "controller-enabled" tablet. 

The Wikipad tablet is designed to work with an optional "gamepad" attachment, allowing tablet gamers to play their games with a real-world dual analog sticks and buttons!

OnLive, Gaikai's main competitor has an app for tablet-based streaming play, but the controls often leave something to be desired. The partnership presumably means that all Gaikai games will be compatible with the Wikipad controller.

A new tablet first shown at CES back in January, the Wikipad is an Android tablet promising glasses-free 3d and promises an ideal platform for tablet-based gaming. Since it's debut, Wikipad has modified its titular tablet, expanding the screen to a whopping 10.1," (from 8.1") adding a quad-core processor, lighter body, and optional 3G service.

Initially pegged to be released this Spring, the Wikipad currently has no clear release date. Gaikai is currently avaialble on PC and via Facebook.

[Via Gaikai and Engadget]