The sick teenager who beat his parents to death with a hammer before holding a party at the family home with their bodies still upstairs has become a celebrity from jail. 18-year-old Tyler Hadley is now calling himself "hammer boy" and  signing autographs (sometimes on news clippings of his crime) in jail that say "It's hammer time." The deranged youth also claims to have seen and spoken to the devil. We beg to differ—he is the devil.

Hadley bludgeoned his parents, Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley, to death and then allegedly bragged about spending $2,000 on liquor and drugs for the party last July. He sent out an invitation via Facebook, and about 60 people showed up to party while his parents dead bodies sat in their bedroom. 

He described the party as "so much fun."

In an interview, inmate Justin Toney said that Hadley introduced himself as "hammer boy" to every new inmate. However, he also noted that Hadley gave conflicting reasons for why he killed his parents. First he blamed it on medication, then said it was because he wanted to have a party that his parents wouldn't allow. 

Toney added that Hadley would occasionally show remorse for his actions. Regardless, this kid is out of his mind and in love with the attention he's getting. This is a perfect example of when "celebrity" goes too far. Didn't people take anything away from Natural Born Killers?

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[via Daily Mail UK]

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