Facebook today introduced its new Camera app which will, according to the company,  make "using Facebook photos faster and easier." 

When opened the app will feature a stream of photos from all of your friends and allow you to explore individual photo albums. Taking photos is as easy as clicking the button with the camera icon. From there you have the option of posting a single photo, or sharing a batch of photos simply by checking the ones ion your library you want to share. 

As the largest photo-sharing service on the Internet, a standalone camera app makes perfect sense for the company. Especially in light of its recent efforts to break into the mobile market. Facebook purchased Instagram, currently the most popular photo-sharing app, in April for $1 billion. 

Similar to Instagram, the Camera app allows you to edit your photos by cropping and rotating them, or adding one of nine filters. 

The Camera app will be available from the Apple App Store starting today. There's no word on when an Android app will become available. 

[via Facebook]