Moving pictures have been blowing shit up, knocking shit down, and contriving ways for pretty boys to narrowly prevent shit from doing all of the above since technology made it possible. As the average moviegoer and television-viewer grows more and more jaded, creatives have to figure out ways to blow more shit up and in better ways. So you'll be happier.

The best way to tug heart strings or fill viewers with a sense of existential dread is to destroy the iconic landmarks that populate social studies textbooks. But not all landmark levelings are created equal. Let’s face it, the White House blowing up pisses people off and reminds them that they love America, while the collapse of the Capitol Records Building reminds viewers that there is a Capitol Records Building. Get ready, you damned dirty apes, this is your Independence Day.

Here are 25 Landmarks Destroyed in Film and TV.

By Brenden Gallagher (@muddycreekU)

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