Evidence from the Trayvon Martin murder case was made public yesterday, shedding light on the February 26 confrontation that left the 17-year-old dead.

Information from the autopsy report revealed that Martin died from a gunshot fired from "intermediate range" by George Zimmerman.The autopsy also revealed that marijuana was found in Martin's system.

That Martin tested positive for marijuana has absolutely nothing to do with the case.

Witnesses have offered contradicting accounts of what happened that night in Sanford, Fla. Some say they saw Zimmerman on top of Martin, while others say they saw him beneath the 5'11" 158-pound Martin, getting pummeled. Pictures showing Zimmerman's swollen nose and lacerations to the back of his head are consistent with his claims.

Some witnesses say that Zimmerman was nonchalant following the killing, a killing that lead investigator Chris Serino initially described as "avoidable." In a March 13 statement, Serino said that the confrontation between Zimmerman and Martin was "ultimately avoidable" because Zimmerman didn't follow a 911 dispatcher's instructions to remain in his vehicle until authorities arrived.

Furthermore, Serino added that, had Zimmerman identified himself, the situation could've been diffused. There had been a string of of break-ins at the Retreat at Twin Lakes development, and while witnesses attributed them to black teenagers, Serino said there was nothing that suggested Martin was involved in any type of criminal activity at the time.

The bottom line remains the same: This did not need to happen. Trayvon Martin did not have to die while returning to his father's girlfriend's apartment. Had Zimmerman done as he was told, there would have been no confrontation that would force him to seek protection behind Florida's Stand Your Ground law.

Zimmerman remains in hiding, awaiting the real trial.

Written by Julian Kimble (@JRK316).

[via The Miami Herald]

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