Blizzard is not having a great time lately in certain Asian countries.

For one thing, strict sales regulations in China that force incoming video games to undergo severe testing before being allowed into the country have reportedly prompted some retailers to sell the game under an alias: Big Pineapple.

According to reddit commenters, the Chinese characters for "Big Pineapple" are pronounced "da boluo", which when said three times fast summons Diablo himself to end oppressive government censorship. Also, it sounds like you're saying "Diablo".

Meanwhile, Blizzard offices in South Korea have reportedly been raided by the fuzz (the Fair Trade Commission, in this instance) over allegations that the company has broken rules by refusing to refund gamers who purchased Diablo 3.

The customers were incensed by the game's launch-week technical issues and demanded their money back, and in South Korea apparently businesses would normally be required to honor those requests. The FTC has seized documents and is determining now whether Blizzard Korea has broken any laws.

Now, who's up for some Big Pineapple? Leave your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter.

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