A logo and screenshot for the yet-to-be-announced third entry in the Dead Space series popped up online earlier today. EA has confirmed that a new Dead Space game has been in development, but has not specified that the game would be Dead Space 3.

Rumors about the highly anticipated sci-fi/horror sequel have been buzzing since the beginning of the year. Supposedly protagonist Issac Clarke will be shooting off necromorph limbs on solid ground this time around: he'll supposedly be forced to traverse an icy planet infested with Necromorphs. The game may also bring drop-in, drop-out co-op to the series for the first time.

Unfortunately the image shows Clarke hovering alone in space above a planet, confirming exactly none of the rumored gameplay elements.

I'm guessing we're going to be seeing a lot more of Issac Clarke and Dead Space 3 at E3 next week.

[Via VG247]