While on the set of his new movie, Piranha 3DD, actor David Hasselhoff demanded a few things. The demands would have been normal and fine if they were in the lines with the traditional food/beverage preferences, but they were far from that.

The Hoff decided that he couldn't stand one of his co-stars, to the point that he demanded to not be in the same room as him. The actor in question: none other than fellow has-been Hollywood punch line Gary Busey. Says Hasselhoff, "I run from him. I made a pact in my contract I wouldn’t have to be in the same room as Gary Busey. He’s really an entertaining person, but he’s a little scary."

As for his second co-star, Hasselhoff has even harsher words, though he doesn't name any names. “There’s a little ginger moron in this movie… This little redhead kid, and he kept saying ‘Pir-anna," and it’s ‘Piranha,’ and it was driving me nuts. The good thing at the end of the movie… The piranhas get the kid.” 

If either Gary Busey or the "little ginger moron" had been a cheeseburger, we're thinking The Hoff would have handled things differently.

[via WENN]