Namco Bandai has released information on their current sales figures through March, and Dark Souls has come out on top of all the publisher's offerings.

The excruciatingly wonderful RPG, which sends players to their deaths more often than most games, sold 1.19 million copies in the US and Europe alone. Factor in Japanese sales and future sales of the upcoming "Prepare to Die" edition on PC, and we'd call that a hit.

The publisher's other top sellers include Ace Combat Assault Horizon, which sold 1.07 million copies on PS3 and Xbox 360 (in Europe, the US and Japan), Dragon Ball Ultimate Blast (700,000 copies), and Soul Calibur V, which sold 690,000 in the US and Europe.

All in all, Namco Bandai's net income saw a 1,044 percent rise year-over-year. Well done! Now hurry up with more Dark Souls, please.

Are you planning on picking up the "Prepare to Die" edition of Dark Souls? What would you like to see next from the series/developers? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.