As if high school prom wasn't traumatic enough already for teenagers, these kids at Manitou Springs High School in Manitou Springs, Colo., had "A Night To Remember" for all the wrong reasons.

Everyone was dancing the night away at the "Lost in Pandora"-themed prom, which is probably the most awesome prom theme we've ever heard of—way better than our crappy "Casino Night"—when two of the chaperones, fed up with the simulated-sex-that-is-all-dancing-especially-dancing-in-high-school-where-you-aren't-allowed-to-get-drunk-and-need-to-make-the-experience-fun-somehow stormed the dance floor (dressed in military fatigues and combat boots) and sprayed the kids with Lysol while calling the girls "whores" and "sluts." Sheesh!

Obviously, these chaperones were taking the whole Avatar theme too seriously, or getting back at the universe for their own terrible prom experience. Either way, at least the kids weren't grabbing each others ponytails and shoving their neural connectors and soft tissue all up in each other.

[via Jezebel]