Think of Almost Famous, or Wiz Khalifa's "In The Cut" video, or, more recently, Project X—the leap from rooftop into swimming pool is a pop culture staple.

But only when it's successful. We need to hear more stories like the tale of Colorado State University sophomore Ian Smith, who is in intensive care with several broken bones after jumping from the roof of the Ram's Village Apartments and missing the pool, hitting the unfriendly concrete instead.

This occurred on a Saturday. Several students screamed at Smith not to do it. But he did. After hitting the ground, he found his ankles, heels, and several vertebrae in his lower back broken, before tumbling into the pool, which students say instantly filled with blood. As you may have assumed, alcohol was a factor.

Other students pulled Smith from the pool until an ambulance arrived. Emergency crews said that he was lucky to be alive.

[via Daily Mail UK]

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